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Wedding Planners & Consultants

Why not leave all the wedding planning to the experts, so that all you need do is turn up on the day and say 'I do'. They should have a network of reputable suppliers and will be able to negotiate good business rates.
EC Wedding Design
Our objective is to save you time, stress and of course money. We will make absolutely sure that you have the wonderful day you always imagined, completely stress free
Wedding Planners & Consultants
More often than not the couples of today lead far more hectic a lifestyle than their predecessors did. With the added pressure that comes with attempts to give your wedding the wow factor, planning a wedding can suddenly become very stressful. Step in a wedding planner or consultant to the rescue.

Anyone can use a wedding planner. You might want to consider using one if you like the idea of someone organising your big day and feel relaxed in the knowledge that everything should fall into place on the day. Also couples who are bursting with bright ideas, but are unsure where to start or for those who don't know where to begin could benefit from the expert help of a wedding planner or consultant.

All too often wedding planners have been tarnished as people who hijack a couple's wedding day. This however is not the case, a wedding planner or consultant can do as much or as little of the planning of your big day as you wish.

It's important that you, the couple, sit down and are open and honest with your wedding planner. The clearer you can be about what you want the easier it will be for the wedding planner or consultant to make you vision a reality.

The other benefit to having a wedding planner/consultant is they should have a list of reputable suppliers they have worked with and should be able to negotiate good rates for their services.

Before you hire the wedding planner/consultant ask that they clearly state in the contract what services they will provide for your day so that you will not be under any illusions about what they will and won't do in helping plan your special day.