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Wedding Register Offices

Register offices allow couples to tie the knot in a civil ceremony anywhere in the UK, with the opportunity to enhance your wedding with the addition of your own choice of music and poetry readings. Your wedding will be truly unique.
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Wedding Register Offices
Register offices in the past have been accused of being sterile places in which to celebrate the joining of marriage. However Register offices throughout the land have worked hard on their image and have been transformed into welcoming places in which to tie the knot.

There are many Town Halls throughout the UK which are architecturally magnificent and have a Register office within their walls. As such Town Halls are able to compete on architecture and style well alongside other licensed wedding venues.

Wedding web cams are also available in a number of Register offices throughout the UK. So you have the opportunity to broadcast live images of your wedding ceremony via the internet to friends and family who were unfortunately unable to be there.

Register Offices are places which have been sanctioned according to law for the celebration of marriage after legal preliminaries have been observed.

The Superintendent registrar will perform a non-religious civil ceremony. The Register office will inform you of all the necessary procedures which need to be undergone in order for you to get married, including the requirements for giving notice and the necessary documentation.

Couples are offered the opportunity to enhance their wedding ceremony with a choice of music, additional word including poetry readings, all of which help to make your wedding ceremony unique.