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Wedding Travel Insurance

You wouldn't go on holiday without travel insurance so don't leave your honeymoon to chance. Your insurance will not prevent a disaster but it may go some way to alleviating the financial burden. [Continued...]
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Wedding Travel Insurance
Lets be honest no one likes paying for insurance and Travel Insurance is no different. Many people believe there just throwing away money as its unlikely something will go wrong.

But the reality is we can't control whether or not we will experience an unfortunate event, however if you have Travel Insurance it can go some way to elevating the financial stress should it happen.

Travel Insurance could cover you for medical emergencies, loss or damage to your belongings, reimbursement for travel delays, personal liability cover, support for legal costs, emergency cash transfers if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen and more.

Before you take out a policy look through the many different options available and choose the policy which best suits you both. Ensure you read through the policy carefully so that you know the circumstances in which you would be entitled to make a claim if you needed to.