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Wedding Veils & Tiaras

Although veils and tiaras may well be seen as a traditional element to the brides wedding attire, there designs have evolved to encapsulate the latest trends. So whether you wish to create a traditional or contemporary wedding look there will be a veil and tiara to help you achieve your desired look.
Gioia Mia
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Wedding Veils & Tiaras
There are thought to be two possible reasons for the incarnation of the wedding veil. The first being it was simply used to ward off evil spirits which were determined on ruining the big day.

The other being related to the Romans. The Romans were keen on arranged marriages and it was customary during the ceremony for the Bride to be covered from head to toe.

The Bride would then be unveiled either by her father or the Groom once the ceremony was concluded. Otherwise if the Groom had the opportunity to see his future wife he may decline to marry her.

Brides tend to choose their wedding veil and tiara once they have chosen their wedding dress. Hence why it is a good idea that you wear your wedding outfit and your hairstyle when you try on your veil and tiara.

Veils come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Therefore its important  to choose a veil that will compliment your wedding outfit rather than overshadow it.

When choosing a tiara consider your face shape. The tiara should be your 'crowning glory' drawing guests attention to the blushing Bride rather than deterring from it.

If you decide to purchase a bespoke veil or tiara whether it be from a retail shop or via the internet be clear about what you want from the designer so that you have a unique veil and tiara that you are proud to show off on your wedding day.