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Wedding Venue Decoration

There is more to decorating a wedding venue than just hanging up a banner which says 'Congratulations'. If you would prefer to leave the creativity to someone else then why not hire a venue decorator.
Glamourpuss Weddings
Wedding venue syling from church to the dance floor we can create the wow in your wedding. We offer £2.50 chair cover hire, table decorations, balloons, favors, twinkle backdrop, aisle runners & more!
Steve Page Lighting Design
Lighting, Sound and Projector Hire, for indoor and outdoor events including marquees. Based in Dundee and serving the Fife, Perthshire and Angus Areas
Creative Occasion
Whether you require a great style of elegance or a particular theme, our Event Designer's at Creative Occasion will assist you in creating an invigorating design for your event.
Wedding Venue Decoration
When a couple decide to get married there choice of wedding venue comes high on the list of priorities. The venues location, capacity and décor all are crucial to helping a couple choose the most appropriate venue for there wedding.

If you wish to add some of your own unique style to the venue décor then you should discuss this in advance of any booking, in case the venue has a policy against couples decorating the venue.

If you are able to decorate a venue then ensure your decorations look to enhance the venue rather than cheapen its appearance. Pay close attention to your choice of colours as they need to compliment the venues existing colour scheme rather than clash with it.

When decorating a space you should look to make it feel welcoming, emphasis that it is a wedding celebration and try to subtly introduce your own unique tastes. In doing so the venue will then become the Bride and Grooms albeit for a few hours, but it will be the couples own unique celebratory space.

There is an art to decorating your venue. Its not just a case of hanging a few balloons, lights and candles here and there. You need to take time to think about the atmosphere you want to create and decide in advance where you want the decorations to go to ensure you achieve the desired affect.

You can buy decorations yourself and try your own artistic hand, alternatively you may prefer to hire in the professionals who make a living from delivering beautifully decorated wedding venues, giving you one less thing to have to worry about on your wedding day.