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Wedding Choc & Drink Fountains - Northumberland

Chocolate and drinks fountains have become a popular addition to a wedding. They can be bought or hired, staffed or self servicing. They make for a fantastic ice breaker for your wedding guests. [Continued...]
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Wedding Choc & Drink Fountains
To have a chocolate fountain at your wedding would be the ultimate indulgence for a chocolate lover.

A chocolate fountain is essentially a fondue of cascading chocolate. Skewered fruits, sweets and pastries are then dipped into the melted warm chocolate and then eaten. The fountain comes in three different sizes small, medium and large.

Fountains have become very popular at weddings they provide a mouthwatering focal point for guests to gather around and break the ice. If you are having a chocolate fountain be sure to use good quality Belgian chocolate.

You could also have a drinks fountain. Guest are then able to help themselves to popular drinks such as cocktails, champagne, wine and sangria.

The fountain is filled at the base and then the fountain is switched on. The beverage is pumped from the lower bowl to the top tier where it is allowed to overflow and cascade down to the next tier and lower tiers. What your guests will see in effect is a beautifully illuminated waterfall. This will entice your guests to want to fill their own glasses and have a drink. Fruits can then be added to the base to enhance the display.

Chocolate and drinks fountains can either be bought or hired. If you decide to hire then you also have the option of either having trained staff to service to your guests or allow your guests to self service.