A 1950s Wedding Theme

fifties hairThe 1950's decade was an explosion of style trends and iconic images and became an exciting decade of Hollywood starlets, television in homes and the introduction of bananas to the United Kingdom. People were finally free of the black outs and the threat of bombs and weddings were taking place on a daily basis with real cake instead of cardboard look alike fake ones!

Most Brides-to-be today will have had grandparents that got married during this era and no doubt seen the black and white photographs of grey striped top hat and tails and three tiered white wedding cakes with wedding bouquets of trailing ivy leaves. Some could well imagine these weddings to be very formal and pale compared with modern days weddings but to those couples getting married during the 1950's it was just as magical and wonderful as any other wedding, no matter what decade it was.

Couples, when planning their wedding are looking for their day to be more unusual and memorable than anybody else's and a fifty's style wedding can certainly give you that extra wow factor that will bedazzle your guests and turn your day into one that will be remembered for a long time.

The choices of outfits, food, music and decorations are never ending and your fifty's style wedding theme can be made even more authentic with bringing in an American theme of milk shakes, pony tails and white bobby socks.

The 1950's Themed Bride

Your wedding outfit can range from a vintage fifty's tea length wedding dress to a rock and roll chick. Some suggestions if you opt to wear a wedding dress can be:

  • A character such as Sandy or Rizzo from the film Greece.
  • Bolero Jacket.
  • Doris Day. For the girl next door look with bows in your hair.
  • Elbow length gloves.
  • Loads of petticoats.
  • Marilyn Monroe with tight skirt and bright red gloss lipstick and bouffant hair.
  • Pearls.
  • Poodle Skirts.
  • Short Veils.
  • Stilettos or kitten heels.
  • Teddy girl with calf length skirts or toreador pants, circle skirts with low cut tops. Loads of make-up and hair tied up in a ponytail.

You can find a plethora of clothes that will give you that fifty's style look and these can include; tight fitting polo neck jumpers; cardigans; a scarf tied round the neck or even a full circle skirt with as many netted petticoats underneath to give that blown up look which will emphasise the waist.

The 1950's Themed Groom

The fifty's was an age of two types of young men from Teddy Boys to Greasers and iconic film stars such as Marlon Brando in The Wild One and leather jacketed John Travolta who played Danny in Grease were very much a part of how the Greasers copied dress styles.

Teddy Boys opted for the more classic look of narrow drainpipe trousers, stiff shirts and brocade waistcoats and an outfit was not complete without the shoestring tie and suede shoes. Outfits for the fifty's style groom can be along the lines of:

  • Dress in outfits similar to those worn in famous films by Marlon Brando or James Dean.
  • Grease character dressed in a T-Bird leather jacket complete with flick comb wig.
  • Grey Flannel Suit with loafers, saddle or wingtip shoes.
  • Iconic singers such as Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly look alike.
  • Teddy boy with single breasted jacket and crepe soled shoes with bright coloured socks.
  • Vintage fifty's style suit.
  • White tuxedo with black bow tie.

1950's Themed Wedding Participants

Your wedding guests can make your fifty's theme even more authentic by dressing up themselves in the various costumes and outfits that are available from fancy dress shops or even be creative and make their own.

1950's Themed Wedding Flowers

Pastels with creams and whites of carnations as well as peonies and pink and cream roses would be ideal for the Bride's bouquet as well as decorating your wedding venue and/or church. Purple lilies were popular for the 1950's weddings and would work especially well when paired up with any pastel flower.

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