Autumn Themed Wedding

strawberriesThere are colours a plenty in this glorious season of glowing gold’s, shimmering oranges, dark chocolate browns, hunter green and rich burgundy reds along with spices and mulled wine and the smell of bonfires with roasted chestnuts all add to the wonderful magical time of Autumn.

More colours of rust red, deep red, navy blue, eggplant purple, pewter, silver, pale yellow, pumpkin orange as well as white, ivory, champagne and beige mixed with twigs and berries can be used for a truly magical harvest type display.

Getting married in autumn with the glorious burst of colours in the trees, the crisp crunch of dried leaves underfoot, the nip in the air and the abundance of choices you have with this season being one of the most dramatic symbols of endings and beginnings autumn stands for.

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Autumn Themed Bride

Rich Burgundy remains a popular colour choice at this time of the year, with deep chocolate browns and gold.  A rich cream or off-white dress will be best suited if you are going to go for the more flamboyant colours as your accessories. Gold and Ivory can be a very classy and sophisticated choice that will match up with all skin tones.

Dresses can be offset with fake fur wraps, shawls or matching boleros.  Flower girls can carry furry hand muffs with coordinating ribbons that match the bride’s bouquet.

A full length fake fur coat worn over your wedding dress could keep you snug and cosy until you reach your reception if you are saying your vows outside.


Autumn Themed Groom

Grooms waistcoats and cravats can be lavish in colour and patterned to match the bridesmaids dresses and the bride’s flowers.  Rich fabrics of brocades and velvets add that luxurious touch.

Suits can be worn in chocolate browns, tan, beige and gold attire and finished off with a buttonhole of autumn flowers.


Autumn Themed Wedding Participants

Weather at this time of the year can be unpredictable so try and remember that when choosing the material of your bridesmaids dress.  Lightweight fabric such as silk in a sleeveless style will work well with a shawl or wrap if your venue is not entirely inside.

Weighty fabrics such as velvets, thick satin or brocade could be worn if your venue is to be held in a castle grounds or partly outside.

A sleeved dress with cuffs can be a good choice for those bridesmaids that are self conscious over their bare arms.

If you are going to be wearing one of the bold autumn colours and don’t want your bridesmaids to be dressed in the same, you could always have them in a one coloured dress with a waist sash that coordinates with your dress.

Lush shades of gold, burgundy, hunter green or chocolate brown can be matched to the groom, best-man and ushers’ waistcoats, cravats and ties.

If you chose colours for your bridesmaids such as hunter green or navy, remember that not everybody has skin tones that can carry off wearing them

Flower girls could wear a dress of patterned autumn leaves and carry a basked of glorious autumn coloured dried leaves to scatter.


Autumn Themed Wedding Favours

pot pouriIf your wedding has a theme of the vibrant colour of autumn you have several options to give your guests for favours. 

  • Sachets of potpourri in seasonal scents.
  • Scented autumn coloured candles.
  • Jelly beans in autumn colours.
  • Soaps in the shape and colour of leaves.
  • Rich coloured rose petals with berries and acorns.
  • Dried berries wrapped around candles.
  • Fabric bags tied with a raffia bows that match your colours.
  • Miniature bottles of wine with ivy or berries wrapped round.
  • Lollypops in matching colours wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with ribbons.
  • Send them home with flower bulbs that will bloom in the spring giving your wedding that ‘look to the future’ theme.
  • Chocolates with marzipan flowers or fruit of the season.

Autumn Themed Photography

autumn brideWith the rich landscapes and stunning colour schemes autumn offers, nature will act as an ideal photographic backdrop.

With the nights closing in during this time, your photographs will need to be taken as early as possible and if needed, discuss when booking your venue if there is a room that can be used for photographs.  If needed, you could decorate this part yourself and design your own canvas to carry on the theme of your wedding.

The photos of you and your groom running under a shower of warm golden leaves are sure to be beautiful as this is a particularly colourful time of year, as the leaves turn from green to yellow and red, and then to brown.

Colours can sparkle on a slightly overcast day and the plus side of this is that it will prevent that horrible eye squint you can sometimes get in bright sunshine.


Autumn Themed Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can be the centrepiece of the wedding reception, and it is important that the cake you choose tastes as yummy as it looks.

Decorate the wedding cake with marzipan leaves and acorns or other autumn-themed items.

Chocolate roses and cinnamon roses with white bouvardia placed on a large mirror with reflective marbles will give your cake a unique look.

A cheese cake adorned with orange and coffee coloured flowers, berries and/or leaves that can be dried or made from chocolate.


Autumn Themed Venue Decorations

Garlands can be hung on and around the walls of your venue.  They can be decorated with dried berries, mini fruits, bows and ribbons and large opened roses, or whatever flowers you have in your wedding theme.

Balloons can be used in autumn colours of oranges, red, gold and burgundy – or a creamy white contrasting with 2 other colours in your bouquet or bridesmaids dresses.

Dried sticks and pumpkins mixed with orange and white flowers can be twisted into the garlands or used to decorate doors, window sills and fireplaces.

Imitation berries and dried flowers can be twisted around backs of chairs and can be hung from the ceilings or trees.


Autumn Themed Wedding Transport

horse carriageYour wedding car can be adorned with autumn leaves and ribbons – this will give a real old fashion look on a classic convertible.

If the weather has not gone too cold, chances are that you could still have a horse drawn carriage.  This could have a covering on the top and to help with the chill a fur blanket can be loosely thrown over your lap. A great excuse cuddling up with together when leaving the church on your way to your reception!

A luxury limousine or Rolls Royce is still top of the list for a sophisticated and elegance way to travel on your wedding day, not to mention a way of keeping warm during the chilly days of the season.

Remember when booking your transport to double check that there will be an appropriate sized and coloured umbrella available in the car, should it be needed.


Autumn Themed Wedding Stationery

There is an abundance of choices during the ‘harvest’ autumn months.  

Leaves and berries with plenty of dark green, brown, orange and gold foliage can be used to adorn your wedding stationary. Equally though, purples, dark pinks, burgundies and anything in chocolate browns look quite at home during the Autumn season.

Fruits of apples, blackberries and pears mixed with acorns and autumn leaves.

You could have the rich pumpkin colours with a creamy edging of sparkling gems and if you are on a budget and want to make your own, the wonderful world of the internet offers bargains galore in paper, embossing stamps, ribbons and gems.

Paper can be embossed with any of the above symbols, coordinated and matched with ribbons/bows, dried flowers and/or jewels will add towards that touch of ‘classiness’ you want for your invitations.



Autumn Themed Table Decorations

autumn candlesYour table decorations can be matched with your stationary, bouquets and venue if you choose to go with the ‘harvest’ theme.

  • Baskets accented with leaves and filled with autumn flowers.
  • Hurricane lamps surrounded by a grapevine wreath and decorated with leaves and/or flowers.
  • Baskets filled with leaves, flowers and berries with a bow matching your wedding colours.
  • Dried flowers in a crystal vase with a raffia bow of matching wedding colours.
  • Pillar candles surrounded by lush flowers in autumn hues.
  • Crisp white table cloths could have a scattering of dried autumn leaves, acorns and mini pumpkins.
  • Choose trees, flowers or decorations that tie into the autumn theme. Your guests will enjoy and remember that they sat at the "Blackberry Table" rather than Table 2 any day

Autumn Themed Wedding Breakfast/Evening Reception

With the cooler temperatures at this time of the year it is probably a good idea to offer your guests something hot and filling.

You could go for a full blown English breakfast with bucks fizz or a lighter choice of Eggs Benedict with champagne.

A sit down meal could start off with soup and crusty bread following by a traditional roast dinner.  Pudding can be fruits of the season as in blackberry and apple crumble with custard or fresh cream


Autumn Themed Wedding Music

Music and songs played at your wedding will reflect the love that you truly share with each other which makes it important that you both make the right choices.   This special day in your life is one you will remember forever.  Be unique in your choice and pick out those songs that can put feeling into your words and emotions you feel towards each other.

You could play a song that relates to the first time you met, the first time you ever danced together or maybe there was a certain song playing in the background when you were proposed to!

Remember your wedding is exceptional and make it even more magical with some great songs and special music. It will be a lasting memory in the minds of your wedding guests too.

At the reception while you are greeting your guests and during eating, music should be soft and then piped up afterwards for dancing and enjoyment.


Autumn Themed Wedding Flowers

autumn flowersGerbera daisies in autumn colours, Dahlias, Burgundy Roses Sunflowers, Mimosa, Delphinium, Gladioli, Orchid and Roses are just a small selection of flowers that are on offer during this glorious season of colours.

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets can be made unique by intertwining leaves and berries as well as feathers and crystals. 

Flower girls could have halos of leaves with gerbera daisies and roses and can carry baskets of dried flowers.

Delicious colours of chocolate and peach roses or burgundy and rich cream in an ivy leafed cascading bouquet with coordinating bridesmaids dresses.

Seeds, fruits, berries and grasses and twigs and ribbons can be used to contrast beautifully together with your chosen flowers.


The Finishing Touches

Have your wedding party throw dried autumn leaves instead of confetti or rice. A lot of churches frown on confetti being thrown while leaves are natural!

Designate a trusting person to take photographs of your venue once it’s all set up and ready before you and your guests arrive.

Offer your guests on arrival a hot glass of hot punch or mulled wine.  Hot chocolate, tea and coffee is a good idea for guests who don’t drink.

Place potpourri with an apple-cinnamon aroma to make the room smell inviting.

On the table that displays your seating cards or guest book, place a basket of dried flowers with cinnamon sticks and crab apples or tiny pumpkins.

Serve guests mulled wine and spiced apple cider during the cocktail hour together with autumn fruit with assorted cheeses and nuts.


Money Saving Tips

Getting married in the autumn months could well save you a great deal of money with the hire of hotel and function rooms not being in the high season.  More choices of venues with it not being such a busy time as the summer months can be a plus side and suppliers such as caterers, photographers and transport specialists can offer discounts at these times.

Your guests will be delighted that your wedding will not overlap with their booked summer holidays or other weddings they have been invited to.

If you are at all ‘crafty’ you can have a go at making a lot of your own wedding favours, stationary or cake toppers and decorate your venue yourself.

Make your own photo album in the form of a scrap book and save a few pages at the end to show off your honeymoon photos.

Are you having an Autumn Themed Wedding?

If so, we hope that some of these ideas will help you in planning your very special day

Above all, enjoy every moment of your special day, including the planning and preparation of it all.  Remember this is the only wedding you will hopefully ever have so make the most of it and relish every precious moment in your day.

Let us know what you are planning so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!