Getting Married Under Water

underwater weddingSo many couples want to feel a rush of excitement on their wedding day and they are resorting to extreme measures whether it is being married in a hot hair balloon or bungee jumping off a bridge while tied together and shouting "I do" on the way down.  Another novel idea for an extreme wedding is to get married while under water!

You would think that only adrenalin junkies or sporty types would be interested in this type of wedding but actually it appeals to a wide variety of people and personalities.  Pretty much anyone, health permitted, should be able to enjoy this extraordinary event.

Just think how unique your wedding (and the amazing photographs) would be if you were to decide to undertake this type of ceremony.  Your friends and family may be a little apprehensive about this sort of wedding to begin with, especially if you want some of them to participate in the ceremony but they should come around and they will enjoy the experience just as much as you will.  There are many couples that get married while at sea but getting married under the sea is something that is still unusual and very different from the normal type of wedding ceremonies that most of us have or will attend.  With the waves above you and your loved one at your side, it could be one of the most romantic events you will ever experience.

Under Water Wedding Destinations

The location of your wedding is of course just as important as the type of ceremony.  To get married under water, some people may have visions in their head of turning up at the local swimming pool and wading into the water in their full wedding outfits but this is not always the case.  Following are just a number of destinations where it is possible to be wed under water:

  • Australia: with its gorgeous beaches and dramatic sea colours this could be a perfect location for a spectacular wedding.  Imagine saying your vows while being photographed next to part of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Cayman Islands: if you choose to get married in the picturesque Cayman Islands you may even see the odd sea turtle swim past you during your vows.
  • Hawaii: the beautiful islands of Hawaii would make stunning backgrounds to your wedding photos and you can also enjoy your own water sports including diving or swimming with the dolphins.
  • Mauritius: being the home of the extinct dodo is not the only well known fact about this island, it is also renowned for its dazzling scenery, colourful marine life and striking corals.  You can even, rather than get wet, be married in a submarine while under water.
  • Thailand: being married under water in southern Thailand in the province of Trang is a popular destination and weddings have been taking place here in this way since around 1990, in fact it is so popular it received a place in the Guinness Book of Records.  On Valentines Day a festival takes place with one of the largest weddings under water but to participate in this ceremony everyone must be a qualified diver.

The Under Water Wedding Ceremony

Obviously as the ceremony is taking place under water you will be limited with your movements and of course your speech.  Some ceremonies take place with boards where the bride and groom can write down their vows before entering the water or perhaps write them out as they are submerged so that their partner can see them one by one.  Other ceremonies may include devices built into the masks which will enable the couple to talk to one another. 

If you have dived before you may be aware of the sensation of talking this way underwater and may feel more comfortable with the boards, this is something that you should research and consider seriously.

Some under water wedding packages will be able to offer you a variety of services, some of which will be mandatory and some that will be optional.  When booking you should make enquiries to your provider but packages can include any of the following:

  • Accommodation.
  • Champagne for the toast.
  • Decoration of the boat or even bouquets of flowers.
  • Diving equipment rather than having to organise the hiring of it all yourself.
  • Photographer or videographer complete with DVD.
  • Private boat charter.

Things to Consider

It is of the utmost importance that you research this type of ceremony as much as possible as different locations may have different criteria.   Some points to think about might include:

  • Do you have to be a qualified diver to be able to participate?  If you do, find out if it is possible to receive training before hand and become qualified enough for this activity.
  • Do you have to wear diving gear or can you wear your wedding suit or dress?  Remember that a wedding dress is heavy enough without it being soaked completely.
  • Enquire as to whether you will need independent witnesses who will also be submerged with you or whether witnesses can be provided.
  • Found out if you need a marriage licence and what other type of documentation you may need to provide.
  • If you are renewing your vows under water you may need to provide your marriage certificate as proof.
  • The bride will have to think about how her hair and make up will be done on the day and ensure that she wears as much waterproof make up as possible; the last thing you want is to emerge from the water with big panda eyes.
  • Will your travel insurance cost more than normal or will the ceremony be included within your normal water sports insurance?
  • You cannot plan this type of wedding in a short period of time, so ensure you have a good length of time beforehand in order for you to plan every single detail.
  • You should ensure that your wedding is legal if the ceremony takes place at the location you have chosen.  If you really want to have your ceremony conducted in this fashion but you find out that the service is not legal then perhaps, on your return to your home country, you could have a small service in a registry office.  The legal side of the ceremony may even take place aboard the boat before you submerge.

After the water ceremony is over, you, your new partner and of course all your family and friends can party the night away in celebration.

Remember that once you have committed to doing this, it will be quite difficult to get out of so if you are scared of water then this is probably not a good idea.  But, if you want extreme excitement, a rush of adrenalin and a much talked about wedding for many months afterwards, why not 'take the plunge' and say your vows under water!

Photos Courtesy of Bali International Diving Professionals >>