Summer Themed Wedding


Roses, butterflies and sunshine are in plenty during the months June to September and certainly help towards planning your perfect Summer Wedding.

Out of all the seasons to get married, summer it has been said, is usually one of the best to give you the most choice from picking a venue to eating alfresco.

Summer colours of cornflower blue to fuchsia pink, turquoise to white, corn yellow to grass green, as well as rose pinks and reds.  The choice is endless and the combinations are many.

The sections below may help you on ideas for your summer wedding.

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Summer Themed Bride

bare foot brideBrides have a vast choice of sleeveless and strapless dresses at any time during the year and summer is the one time that you won’t have to worry about being cold or having to use that fur wrap to cover your arms.  Light silks, chiffon, organdie and georgette are wonderful, breezy and light.

An elegant lacy parasol complete with a tied lace handbag could not only compliment your outfit, but also keep you in the shade and be used as a prop when photographs are being taken.

If you are holding your wedding outside on the grass, go barefoot with ribbons tied around your ankles and toenails painted the same colour as your bouquet or bridesmaids dresses.



Summer Themed Groom

Grooms as we all know tend to get a bit nervous while waiting for their bride to turn up. What better reason to wear a light coloured suit made out of a breathable fabric of cream, pale grey or champagne.

If you are going for that non formal wedding, your groom can wear just his shirt, cravat and a waistcoat.  There are some stunning waistcoats that are unfortunately hidden beneath a suit.  In keeping with the summer theme the waistcoat pattern could be of flowers, bees or butterflies.



Summer Themed Wedding Participants

Bridesmaid dresses can be short or long, backless or strapless and with the array of summer dresses nowadays, they can be purchased from any fashion outlet, saving a small fortune for many brides on a budget. 

Light sandals will be cooling to aching feet that may be standing around for a few hours.

Pageboys can wear crisp white shirts with linen trousers and flower girls can be dressed in light cotton dresses with halos of flowers in their hair.



paper fanSpring Themed Wedding Favours

Favours on a hot summer day could be a gift of a silk or wooden fan or a paper parasol – a gift your guest would appreciate if the day is hot and sticky.
Soap or candles in the shape of flowers, packets of summer flower seeds wrapped in ribbons matching your bouquet.

Chocolate favours could be a bit disastrous with the heat, so if you are considering giving sweets think carefully before choosing.



Spring Themed Photography

Getting married during the summer months with the fresh green grass, fully leafed trees and an abundance of brightly coloured flowers gives the background of your photographs wonderful scenery.

A hot summer days will make any lake or stream brighter in colour and with luck, you could have some breathtaking skies as a backdrop.

Plan how you would like your wedding album to look.  It could be along the lines of a story book with comments that are a mixture of funny and wonderful tear jerking moments.

Take into consideration if you plan to feed your photographer at the reception and always ask if he intends to bring along an assistant!  If your reception is to be a sit down meal, arrange for a small table to be set up for them.



Summer Themed Wedding Cake

summer wedding cakeWedding cakes today are truly works of art that seem a sin to slice through them.  Strawberries, roses and ribbons can make a plain white iced cake look fresh and romantic, as well as cupcakes with butterflies, bees and summer flowers standing on tall pillars look fresh and inviting.

Chocolate cakes adorned with mouth watering mini flakes and cherries or fresh fruit pieces such as strawberries, rasperries or similar would look vibrant and mouth watering.

Seashells and coral cake would compliment your beach wedding and to add that touch of individuality you can place tiny sugar or marzipan flip flops and beach towels around the base.



Summer Themed Venue Decorations

Decorating your venue can be one of the biggest choices you will make for your summer wedding.  You could go for the crisp fresh white look with pastels, cream coloured daisies, lemons and lime colours and that old favourite, roses!

It’s amazing how a selection of balloons, ribbons, garlands and bows can change the look of a room.  These can be placed on the walls and tables, around arches and windows.

Coloured or plain white lights can be used if the venue is to be held outdoors, bringing that extra sparkle to your evening reception.  Trees can be decorated with hanging ribbons and garlands.



Summer Themed Wedding Stationery

summer-invitationPersonalised wedding stationery is very popular and you can have a lot of fun designing your own custom made invites as well as the church service, table settings, napkins, favours and photo albums.  It can be matched to the bride’s flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses or any theme you are planning to hold.  Rich creams with embossed red roses and trailing ivy still seem to be the most popular for the summer, but anything goes with the vast choice of colours and arrangements from the venue to the beach.

Combination colours of sharp lemons and limes or buttery creams that compliment and bring out the vibrancy of strawberry, peach, lilac or coffee.  Pinks and greens, reds and white, pastels and the return of the popular black and white are very much in evidence.

Wedding invitations can be adorned with pictures of dazzling summer scenery, lakes and mountains, trees or flowers that match your own bouquet, to a simple red rose, pearls and diamantes to ribbons and bows.

If you are getting married abroad, beach and sea shells with tropical fruits and flowers, with colours of pale blues, white and yellows.



Summer Themed Wedding Breakfast / Evening Reception

fruit bowlWedding breakfast can be something light as in watermelons, strawberries and grapes with freshly baked rolls and creamy butter, cheeses and honey glazed ham.

Afternoon or evening reception may be too warm to have a hot meal so you could opt for the summer buffet with hams, turkeys, salmon, crisp fresh salads and fruit with jacket potatoes, or for outside receptions what better than the summer barbeque!

Desserts that can compliment your summered themed wedding could be along the lines of ice cream sundaes, banana splits and meringues filled with fresh fruit and cream.



Summer Themed Wedding Music

Al fresco music is very much in demand during summer weddings.  Live musician(s) can be ideal for your guests to listen to while you are having your photo shoots, along with serving glasses of chilled wine.

After the meal, speeches and cutting of the cake is really where the music and dancing really starts. A good way to ensure that all ages are catered for at your reception if to have musical slips from your DJ or band can be placed on the tables for your guests to choose their favorite tunes/songs.  Song ideas to be played while cutting the cake can be along the line of ‘how sweet it is to be loved by you – James Taylor’, ‘sugar is sweet – The Party’, ‘sugar, sugar – The Archies’.

The traditional love tune for the bride and grooms first dance can be replaced with one of your favorite songs with a small ‘show’ that you will have practiced beforehand, giving your guest one of many ‘wow’ factors of your wedding.

When choosing a DJ / Disco for your wedding reception also remember to give him/ her an indication of the music required and guidance over volume levels to ensure that everyone is kept happy.

If your wedding is going to involve lots of children, a magician, face painter or a balloonist can help keep them amused.  A craft table could be set up in the corner with paper and felt crafts.  Glue or anything sticky would not be recommended for obvious reasons. A separate room could be used to keep the children amused while the speeches are being held.


Summer Themed Table Decorations

blue bellsTable decorations can be anything you wish………clear glass bowls filled with fresh lemons and limes, Victorian roses or pebbles to daisies in silver buckets. 

Candles that can be lit for evening reception with coloured balloons or roses scattered around the table.

You can match your table decorations to your dessert menu (as in the colours of ice cream sundaes, yellow and white daisies to match your banana splits and the colour of the fresh fruit you have in the meringues).



Summer Themed Wedding Flowers

Wedding Bouquets during the summer can be somewhat difficult to choose as there is so much choice.  Fuchsia, Carnation, Peony, Orchid, Gardenia and Delphinium are just a handful of what is on offer, along with Sunflowers, Roses, Dahlias and Hydrangea.

Outside venues can be set in gardens of sweet smelling Jasmine, Hollyhocks and Heather. 

White Lilly of the valley, Roses, Daisies’ and Orchids can be used in stark contrast to brilliant colours as in, hot pinks, turquoise, lemons and limes to keep things fresh and attractive.

Roses are the traditional wedding flower and they are still the most popular.  With the huge selection of colours and sizes they are used for bouquets, weaved through hair, placed on the table and made into garlands for venue decorations.

Imagine how your photographs can turn out with you sitting in a field of Bluebells, daisies and cornflowers, or bushes of Roses and Hyacinths around you and your guests.



Summer Themed Wedding Transport

wedding carriageHot sunshine days cry out for brides to be transported in an open topped horse drawn carriage, vintage or sports car. If your wedding is going to be held in castle grounds or have a medieval theme, what better way for your groom to arrive than on a white stead? 

Limousines are still the height of luxury and elegance, padded with fur and satin, or pure soft white leather, they will no doubt mark the start of your journey on your very special day.

Double Decker buses can be hired to transport your guests from the church to your reception with glasses of chilled water or wine to quench their thirst on a hot summer day.



The Finishing Touches

fruit juicHave a slice of strawberry or fruit that compliments your colours into your toast glasses. Have fresh fruit in bowls around your venue so that your guests can nibble away as it takes thier fancy.

Release balloons with your names and an email address to see how far one of them travels. You could offer the lucky finder a slice of your wedding cake or one of your favours.



Money Saving Tips

Weekends are always more expensive to get married. If you can work out that the people you really want at your wedding can take off an extra day in the week, try and go for mid week, Friday or Sunday.  This will save you a substantial amount of money on the venue, photographer, band/DJ, hotel rooms and car hire.

If you are on a tight budget, to help cut the cost of the food bill down. Invite only those that you really want there to spend your special day with you.  Don’t have children unless they are immediate family and choose the wording on your invite to show that no ‘extra’ guests can accompany them.

Instead of having the extra cost of a dessert, why not use your wedding cake for this!  Most guests either forget to take it home or it can get left on the table to be shoved into a handbag at the end of the night.  Or if you truly want a dessert, have a light one such as ice cream with a fresh fruit selection or meringue topped with summer strawberries and cream.

If possible, try and get married late in the afternoon.  This can save on having a day and an evening reception, plus the cost of an extra buffet. 

Take advantage of the warm lighted summer evenings and serve punch bowls of light alcoholic drinks instead of costly bottles of wine for your toast.


Are you having a Summer Themed Wedding?

If you are planning oh having your wedding during the summer months, you can really make it a summer themed one with sunshine, barbeques, beaches and strawberries with cream to chose from. 

Above all, enjoy every moment of your special day, including the planning and preparation of it all.  Remember this is the only wedding you will hopefully ever have so make the most of it and relish every precious moment in your day.

Let us know what you are planning so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!