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Wedding Tradition or Just Superstition

Have you ever seen a car driving past with the words 'Just Married' written on the back and trailing behind are a load if tin cans, or perhaps shoes? Ever thought why? Why do we always say that the bride and groom are going to 'tie the knot' - have you ever seen a bride or groom tie a not? And just why does the groom have to carry the bride over the threshold! These are more answers below...

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Tying Shoes to the Bumper of the Car

The custom is thought to date back to the Egyptians. Egyptians when they traded in goods would also exchange sandals. A father would give his daughters sandals to the groom to show his daughter that she was now the property of the groom. During Anglo-Saxon times the groom was believed to have tapped the heel of his bride to show she now belonged to him. There was also suggestions that people once throw shoes at the bride and groom (thank goodness for confetti) the practice wasn’t very popular with the bride and groom and later changed to shoes being tied to the bumper of the couples car instead.

Tying tin cans to the bumper instead is likely to have come about as it is much cheaper than using shoes!

The Honeymoon

Going back a little while, before people actually dated and got to know each other, the man may have kidnapped a woman from her village and then he would have to go into hiding until the woman’s family gave up searching for her. He would then marry her and she would be made to drink honey wine for thirty days (one full cycle of the moon). The drink was thought to make the new bride more fertile.

So, honey wine and full cycle of the moon gives you honeymoon. I guess winemoon doesn't have the same ring to it...

Tie the Knot

It's hard to be certain of the origins of this one but some believe Roman brides wore girdles which were fastened by tying knots, which in turn, the groom would have been keen to untie on their wedding night.  Others think it is a symbol of everlasting unity demonstrated by the practice of entwining the bride and grooms wrists together. 

Maybe it just goes back to the kidnapping and imprisonment of the future wife!

Carrying the Bride over the Threshold

Many backs would have ached after carrying a bride over the threshold, so who do men have to blame for their back problems? Once again it is none other than the Romans.

It is thought brides who were unwilling to consummate their marriage on the wedding night would have to be carried over the threshold and into the house, otherwise they would flee. Others believe that whoever enters the new home first will rule the roost, hence why men carry their brides into the home. There are others who believe men carry the bride to prevent her from tripping over the threshold, or perhaps protect the bride against evil spirits should any be lurking beneath the threshold.

Maybe the brides just had too much champagne during the day and it was carrying or wheelbarrow... and the latter is not very glamorous :)

The Couple’s First Purchase

Whoever makes the first purchase is thought to be the more dominant in the relationship.... Does a drink at the bar count? If not us men are going to lose every time ;)