Wedding Chair Covers

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Most wedding venues have standard banqueting chairs. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, most of which happen to be very comfy and stylish. However they may not work with your choice of colour theme or just might not be to your taste.

The solution is to use wedding chair covers and coordinated table linen. Wedding chair covers allow you to personalise your dinning space, transforming ordinary chairs into elegant thrones for your guests.

There are hundreds of companies which are now springing up offering chair covers for hire, which means you can acquire the look of elegance at a very competitive price.

Wedding Chair Cover Style and Fabric

chair covers 3Wedding chair covers can be made from a multitude of different fabrics and take on a variety of different styles ranging from traditional linen, organza, too the more rich and warm feel of brocade and velvet. Chair covers are made available with or without sashes to match your colour theme if you so desire.

Chair covers can be hired from specialists, marquee hirers, caterers and possibly your wedding venue. There are numerous hire packages available with some providing a set up service, which is designed to be hassle free to the DIY service where you would potentially pick up the chair covers and press them yourself before fitting them.

This option could work well for those of you who are on a tight budget but still want to create a unique dinning space, however be aware that an option such as this could work out more expensive if you damage the linen because you are responsible for pressing the covers before fitting them.

It is important to always read the terms and conditions of individual packages before you agree to anything.

Choosing a Wedding Chair Cover Hire Company

chair covers 1Here are some pointers to help you try and find the right company to hire your wedding chair covers from.

  • Always get more than one quote.
  • Find out whether they offer a fitting service as there are a variety of different types of banqueting chair used by wedding venues - it could get tricky doing it yourself.
  • Are the chair covers pressed before you receive them?
  • Do they carry spares in the event of one being damaged?
  • Can they provide a sample of the fabric the cover is made from?
  • Do they charge on request of samples?
  • If you decide to hire your wedding chair covers with the company would they be able to offer you a discount on the table linen, napkins and place mats?
  • How far in advance are you able to book them for hire?
  • How soon would you need to give them the final numbers for the wedding?
  • If applicable, are you able to supply them with a material swatch of the colour you desire and can they match it or find a fabric to meet your requirements?
  • Are you required to insure the chair covers against damage during the course of the wedding event?
  • If they ask that you pay an insurance against any damage to their covers, ensure you understand clearly what they deem as damage?
  • If you take out insurance is it refundable upon the safe return of the goods?
  • How much and when would a deposit have to be paid?
  • When would you be expected to pay the balance?
  • Does the quote include delivery and return, or is that at your own cost?
  • Can you inspect the covers before they are used for your event?
  • Is there a fee for the late return of chair covers if the hirer is responsible for returning the goods, and if so what is the additional cost?
  • Some companies offer to set up the chair covers for you, enquire as to its cost.
  • Do they provide sashes free with the chair covers?
  • Is there a minimum number of chair covers which you would have to hire?
  • Are you required to launder the chair covers before returning them?
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
  • If the company are unable to deliver your chair covers will they provide substitutes, and will they let you know in advance?

Checklist - Download the PDF version >
Checklist - Download the Excel version >

You are free to e-mail the Excel version to companies that you are seeking a quote from.

If you work your way through this list there is not going to be much that could catch you out, either in having the look you want, or the cost of hiring your wedding chair covers.