Wedding Table Crystals

scatter crystalsWhen deciding on your wedding decor instead of using the more traditional confetti try adding some scatter crystals to your wedding tables to achieve that enhanced sparkling and eye catching look.

Table crystals cut like diamonds can really catch the light and are available in a wide choice of colours.

Usually made from Swarovski they are becoming more popular in wedding table decorations from scattering them loosely around the table or placing them on top of mirrors or inside crystal containers.

Although they cost a bit more than table confetti they can at least be used after your wedding in your home so you will be getting value for money.

The table crystals are so perfectly cut that they naturally reflect back twinkling sparks of lights in many directions and can give added elegance to your tables.

Different Uses of Crystals

Crystals can be used to brighten any area of your reception.  As well as adding 'bling' decor to your table settings you can use them on your guest book table either scattered around or placed inside a crystal bowl filled with water and a single flower floating on the surface. 

Your wedding cake table is another ideal place to scatter some sparkling crystals.

Mix together different sizes of scatter crystals for a better overall effect.

Use them inside glasses or vases with a single rose and for added bonus superglue one large scatter crystal in the middle of the rose.

Mix your table crystals with rose petals or strands of pearls.

When placing candles onto a mirror a few crystals scattered around the candle will give extra reflection of sparkling lights

Turn a plain card holder into a beautiful one by gluing a few crystals to it.

Glue tiny crystals to ribbons that may be used by bridesmaids or flower girls in their bouquets/baskets.

Wedding Crystal Colours

coloured crystalsColoured crystals can be mixed together to coordinate with your bouquet, dresses or wedding theme as well as complimenting the seasons. 

  • Christmas weddings can use a mix of green and red crystals to create the perfect table settings.
  • Spring weddings can use yellows and limes on a crisp white tablecloth to give that fresh new spring look.
  • Reds and pinks can be used for that added romantic ambiance for summer and outdoor weddings.
  • Orange, rich reds and browns are ideal for autumn coloured wedding tables.
  • Jet black and diamond clear can be used to jazz up a black and white themed wedding.
  • Winter weddings where crystal and fake snow are used will give a sparkly frosty look.

Personal Touch

When it comes to table settings at weddings there is a vast choice to suit all styles and budgets to gain that unique and personal touch all brides-to-be want on their special day and a look that is sure to please your guests.

Although flowers are still very much at the forefront the added touch of crystals will complimented any of your wedding colours and can only help in bringing further dazzle and sparkle to your wedding decor.

Be aware that these crystals may have a habit of finding their way home with some of your guests because of their beauty.