Wedding Table Decorations and Centrepeices

chair cover 2Wedding decorations can create that special ambience you are looking for at your reception and can include anything and everything that you want - the choice is endless as is colours and materials.

The top table and surrounding areas such as walls, doorways, windows and guest tables that are decorated can turn a plain room into something wonderful and magical for you and your guests to celebrate your special and memorable wedding day.

Key Wedding Colours

Choosing your key wedding colours is the first step to your reception decoration.  From there you can decide if you are using tablecloths or runners, paper or cloth napkins, candles and/or flowers and the hardest part then will be deciding on the many and varied decorations you are going to use. 

Bride's today have a far wider choice than mothers and grandmothers had and the tradition of having flowers alone as centrepieces although still very popular, is now only one in a choice of many more ideas out there to choose from.

Items such as candles, fish bowls, rose petals, hearts, chocolates and mirrors are just a drop in the ocean to what can be used as table centrepieces and combined with ribbons, diamantes, fruit, pearls and fake snow there is no end to what masterpieces you can achieve with some time, thought and imagination.

Your guests will spend many hours at their table and it seems weddings today are becoming more exclusive and different in their own way.  You obviously want your wedding to be one of the most unique days that will be remembered for a long time and your centrepieces will play a large part in it being a memorable one.

Ideas for Table Centrepieces

flowers in vaseThere is an endless amount of ways that you can decorate your tables, the only limit is your own imagination. Below we will give you some ideas to spark your inspiration.

Flowers as Table Centrepeices

Flowers are wonderful and no wedding is really complete without them and whether you go for one colour or many they still hold that magical aura of beauty. 

When choosing fresh flowers for your centrepiece place them in unique vases or containers and for clear glasses a drop of dye that matches your wedding colours can be added to the water. For silk flowers in clear vases you can use coloured stones, pearls, diamantes or jell bubbles.  Again flowers hold their own but formed into a display can do wonders for your tables.

Flower displays can be as small or large as you wish.  With or without greenery or any other adornments together or individually flowers hold their own on any wedding day. 

Fresh or silk flowers can be used on your table in so many different ways from placing them in vases to breathtaking arrangements or wrapped around candles to floating in bowls.

If you are going for the rose petals scattering on the tables don't use them thinly and stick to one colour only for that maximum impact.  Check the dye will not run from the roses petals onto the tablecloth.  For that added touch you can add whole flower heads among the petals or diamantes and pearls.

Candles as Table Centrepeices

candleCandles with fruit and/or small pebbles built around will not only look good but also give the candle that extra stability.  Candles can be set down just for decoration and have wired jewellery, ivy leaves or flowers wrapped around it.  They can be placed in elegant holders if tables are big enough or candle tapers can be placed in tall coloured vases which when lit gives off a slow glow and stop the candle from falling over.

Candelabras in the centre with fresh fruit, flowers and greenery and coloured or plain candles will give your guests that cosy and intimate dinner party feeling and your whole room can have that romantic look and feel with twinkling candle lights.

Floating candles is very much a favourite at weddings and by placing them in a shallow bowl you add light and elegance to your tables.  Placing the bowl on top of a mirror gives that added ambience as well as holding both the bowl and candles steady.  To get an aromatic effect with candles add a drop of rose oil to each bowl instead of using scented candles. Pearls and diamantes placed in the bottom of the bowl will give a twinkling appearance.

candlesFor that black and white wedding theme you can give a silver or a white candelabra a  sophisticated look by adding black candles and your table can have black flowers with white feathers, pearls and/or clear crystals built up into displays. 

The good old wine bottle can be used to decorate the table with coordinating wedding colours of melted wax candles with bunches of grapes displayed around the base.  This would tie in wonderfully if you are having a cheese wedding cake and tiny miniature cheese boards can become wedding favours.

Brandy glasses with coloured marbles or pebbles about 1/3 way up and added water can be used to float candles in with a flower or ivy twisted around the base.  Flowers can also be used instead of candles and the glasses can be kept as favours.

Cakes and Sweets as Table Decorations

table sweetsFor those of you that are having children's tables, or just those young at heart with a sweet tooth items such as jellybeans, smarties, M&M's, marshmallows, fruit gums and all the other wonderful colours of sweets can be turned into mouth-watering centrepieces.  The sweets can be added to vases or bowls, either individually or one massive bowl in the middle.

A mini version of your wedding cake can be placed on each of the tables or if you like the idea of the cake but not a copy of yours, then why not go for a cake that reflects your theme and/or hobby or lifestyle.  This edible centrepiece also can be used instead of a dessert.  For those on a budget you can make or buy small sponge cakes and decorate yourself with readymade icing and edible flowers. 

A sweet tree can be made for each table by using a Styrofoam cone, sweets, glue and icing.  The choice of sweets that you use can be either wrapped sweets or open and depends on what colour and look you are aiming for.  A simple way to make it with Jordan almonds is by covering the Styrofoam (or silver foil) with a layer of icing and let it dry. 

Once dried glue the almonds as close together as possible.  This cone shape can be placed directly onto the table or cut smaller with a stick inserted and placed into a flower pot.  A matching bow can be tied around the pot or left alone for that natural look.

A bouquet of chocolate lollipops from heart shapes to roses can be made into a display by pushing them into Styrofoam or place altogether in one large or singular in individual vase/glasses.

Vases and Wedding Wishing Wells

wild flowersTall cylindrical glass vases can be placed in the centre and filled with flowers, stones, fruit, sweets, chocolates, pearls and/or diamantes.  Around the base you can coordinate with flowers or a few scatterings of what you have placed inside the vase. 

Fill a vase with sand, marbles or pebbles and stick in some wires that are bent and hooked to hold dangly things (crystals, ornaments, glass dangles, words or letters on bits of paper) or are twisted to hold photos of you two or things you love.

Individual table wishing wells can be used for guests to add their written well wishes to the couple.  Craft supplies to help them can be placed against each setting.  These well wishes can be used by the newlyweds instead of a guest book or can be added at a later stage.

A collection of vases in different shapes and sizes can give your tables that unique look when they are filled with different heights of water and a selection of flowers or fruits placed in each one.

Long dark twigs can give a stunning display when placed in a vase.

Seasonal Wedding Table Settings

pot poriSummer ideas are vases or bowls filled with lemons and limes, fresh flowers, greenery, fake ice cream knickerbockers glories, fruits such as strawberries, cherries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and raspberries will give your table that true summer feeling.  Tiny jugs of fresh cream can be placed on the table and your guests can enjoy these fruits as dessert.

Autumn has a multitude of colours in oranges and browns and a selection of wonderful dried leaves, tiny pumpkins, cranberries, wheat sheaves and twigs can be used in table and wall displays or twined around garlands, candles, vases or bowls.  Dark chocolate can double up as part of the table decoration and favours.

Christmas table decoration can be a glorious show of colours from reds and greens to white and silver.  Natural displays such as holly and ivy with the red berries and tiny bows can look spectacular at a fraction of the normal cost if you are lucky enough to find a holly bush in abundance. 

To save money you can make your own Christmas wreaths using pinecones that have been sprayed in coordinating wedding colours, or greenery with added flowers, ribbons and bows.  These can be made into stunning centre pieces by adding two or four long candles.

Spring brings to mind apple and cherry blossoms which can give a stunning display on their own in a vase or floating in a crystal bowl with candles.  Flowers such as daffodils and tulips are in abundance and butterflies can be incorporated into your display.

Tit Bits and Budget Ideas

sping flowersFluted champagne glasses can be filled with pastel or clear tissue paper and filled with chocolates.

Sprigs of silver stars or twigs can have ribbon tied around and pushed into the centre of the glass.

Decorated buckets can have a bucket of wine with red hearts and/or cupid lips surrounding the bottle.

Hand painted flower pots can be filled with packets of seeds or tiny crab apples and finished off with a ribbon wrapped around.

Curled ribbons places on mirrored tiles can be sprinkled at random.

Place a collage of photographs of you both from your childhood to how you met and places you have been while together and spread them out on the table before placing glass over them. 

Card holders are another way of giving your table that personal touch and can add humour, elegance and sophistication to your display if chosen well.

When buying any bowls or vases that will be holding lighted candles always double check they are strong enough to withstand the candle burning for a good length of time.

Edible homemade decorations such as gingerbread men or candy canes can bring a true festive look to a Christmas table.

Decorated white or ivory bird cages with flowers and greenery the same as your bouquet intertwined

Whatever table decoration displays you choose remember that your guests will be sitting looking at it for hours plus eating their meal with whatever is surrounding them.  Use your imagination and creativity and come up with a wedding centrepiece that is totally unique to you.

Don't have your guests thinking they are in a jungle where they can't see who is sitting across the table from them and above all whatever you do choose double check the safety element.