Wedding Venue Decoration

venue decoration 1When planning your wedding, the venue is one of, if not the biggest item to organise along with necessities such as the dress, the church and the photographer etc.  As such, you want your perfect venue to be commented on and remembered just as fondly as the church where you said your vows or even the personalised cake toppers you have for your wedding cake.

For some, the wedding venue can be just where you are holding your wedding reception and party but for others, it could be the place where you will be walking down the aisle, standing in front of your family and friends and exchanging your rings to get married.

Depending on your chosen location, most venues will already be decorated, be it by flowers or fancy art work on the walls.  If however you are able to, or feel the need to decorate the room(s) further, following are some tips and some points to consider before climbing those step ladders or blowing up the balloons.  Don't forget that it is not just the room that you can decorate; there are also the tables and the grounds outside of the venue.

Decorations to Use

Amaze your guests with your creativity while also creating a picturesque scene that will compliment your wedding.   Whether your venue is a modern or traditional location you can make it look breathtakingly wonderful, perhaps by using any of the following decorative items:

  • Balloons.  These can be hung individually or you can have an archway of balloons over the top table.  If you're doing it yourself though, don't forget to buy the helium!
  • Banners.
  • Chair covers will add a lovely addition to the theme you have chosen.  Alternatively, hang a flower decoration from the back of them or ribbon perhaps.
  • Coloured glasses or plates.
  • Coloured light bulbs could produce the atmosphere you are trying to create.
  • Dried petals, leaves or even grass scattered around the floor or tables.
  • Favours come in all shapes and sizes so be creative.  If you are thinking about making your own, ensure they fit in with your wedding theme colours.
  • Flowers or Ivy to decorate various features within the room or individually on the tables.  Perhaps you can use some of the flowers you used at the ceremony or even look into hiring plants.  Include holly and twigs to your flower decorations if your wedding is over Christmas.
  • For larger decorations consider using ice sculptures or even the fake fire lamps.
  • Hang fairy lights.
  • Include candles on the tables or tall free standing candles inside or even use them outside as a guide for your guests to take them to the correct room/ marquee.  Candles can make even the dullest of rooms seem romantic and welcoming.
  • Large or small water bowls, some with floating candles, others with real live fish.
  • Material can be used to hide the walls if you do not want to show them off, or even as drapes to separate rooms.
  • Name tags.
  • Photographs in picture frames or even a projector/ video showing old movies or pictures of when the bride and groom were young.
  • Place Topiary trees by the door entrance or near the top table and add ribbon or feathers to make them stand out.
  • Small bird cages filled with flowers.
  • Table top decorations can include: vases or mirrored globes, scented candles or tea lights, glass bowls or large martini glasses filled with sweets, chocolate or even fruit.  It is also worth taking a look at anything unusual you might find such as sparkly or shaped confetti, bubbles or sparklers, pebbles, glitter balls or party poppers.

Top Wedding Venue Decoration Tips

  • venue decoration 2Ask if your venue can recommend caterers or DJ's for instance as they may work out more reasonably priced if they are local.
  • Check with your wedding venue when you will be able to gain access to the room and begin your decoration.  If it is on the day of your wedding, make sure you give yourself plenty of time, you don't want to be rushing around and neither do you want to injure yourself or make yourself late.  Be sure to ask if they have any free members of staff that might be able to help you out.
  • Do not ask anyone you are close to whom you know is not reliable; you don't want them letting you down on such a big day.
  • Don't be tempted to mix your themes, i.e. Fairy Princess décor in one corner of the room and gothic décor in the other probably wouldn't look as good as you think it might.  Try to match colours, so for instance, matching your table decoration (be it flowers or something wacky) to your napkins but be careful not to add too much colour so that it all starts to 'blend' in with each other.  Be sure to look at the flooring of the main room you will be using, if its red and purple striped it might clash with your chosen theme.
  • Ensure you check the alcohol licence regulation within the venue.  In some places, you may not be able to sell alcohol but you may be able to set up your own bar where the alcohol is given away rather than purchased.
  • If you are not keen on the outside of your venue, look into hiring a small marquee that you can place in front of the entrance way, checking with the management of course that it is safe to do so.
  • Look into hiring your decorations rather than buying them, particularly if you're not sure what you will do with the decorations after the day.  If you want to buy rather than hire, ensure you organise for someone to collect and take them down the next day and also think about where you will store them.
  • Make sure that the venue staff members are aware of everything they need to be doing and of course of the amendments that you will be doing to the room.
  • On the lead up to your day, write ideas down (i.e. table decorations) when you hear about them or see examples around you.
  • Once you start the decoration, be sure to begin right from the point where your guests walk in.
  • Remember not to go too overboard with your decoration, sometimes less is more!
  • There is so much choice available, ask around and flick through magazines to produce your own ideas.
  • Visit the wedding venue in advance of your wedding day around the same time you are due to get married so you can check out atmosphere and lighting etc.
  • Write out a plan of action.  Include the items you will need to buy and also a plan for where they will need to go within the room.  If there is a group helping out, assign different jobs to individuals.

Factors to Consider When Decorating your Wedding Venue

  • venue decoration 3Ask yourself if you physically should be doing the decorating?  Perhaps family and friends could do it for you, after you have given them step by step instructions of course!
  • Can you afford to decorate the room(s) on top of what you are already spending for your wedding?  If yes, set up a budget for the decorations and try not to go over it.  Bear in mind that buying your own floral displays or making them yourself will save you money in the long run.
  • If a venue is popular for weddings, then the price tag attached to hiring it out for your wedding might be rather high so if you can consider looking at different (and cheaper) venues such as village or school halls and community centres, these can be just as picturesque as a grand hall or castle.
  • If you are decorating with flowers or plants, make sure the room isn't too warm or cold for them.  Unless you can find fantastically realistic artificial plants, don't be tempted to use them as they can sometimes look cheap and not appropriate.
  • Is the venue happy for you to remove large items of furniture out of the room you are hiring if you feel they are not necessary or they get in the way of your idea?
  • Is your venue big enough to accommodate the décor you want and most importantly will they let you make certain additions to their room?  Not everyone will want pin holes or tape stuck on their walls.
  • Think about the season you are getting married.  If it is over the Christmas holidays for instance then a winter wonderland theme would compliment your wedding.  Also factor into the season any colours you decide to use.
  • What can the venue supply by way of decorations?  Will they charge you for bringing in your own?

So, once you have your wedding venue picked your ideas can start to form.  Think about the layout and use any tricks you might have heard about, this will show your venue and its surroundings to its very best advantage possible. 

Decorating your own venue will definitely ensure you and your partner get the personal wedding you want and just think of the huge satisfaction you will gain from decorating the room how you and your partner want.  It will be hard work but worth it in the end!