Finding, Booking and Preparing your Wedding Venue

There is lots to consider when searching for your perfect wedding venue, and once you have found it there is lots more to do to ensure you get the venue booked for your wedding day. Once you have it secured, you can then turn your mind to preparing your venue for your wedding day.

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Finding and booking your wedding venue - There are a whole host of different types of venues to hold your wedding reception ranging from hotels, pubs, church halls, marquees, and golf clubs to stately houses.

Seating Plan - I know it's something you’ve been trying to put, off but you are going to just have to face up to sorting out your seating plan

Wedding Chair Covers - Most wedding venues have standard banqueting chairs. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, most of which happen to be very comfy and stylish. However they may not work with your choice of colour theme or just might not be to your taste.

Wedding Marquee - If someone had asked me five years ago what a marquee was I would have told him or her it was a glorified tent. Since then I can honestly say I am rid of this misconception.